Shops And Pole Barns

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Shops and Pole Barns

We have built shops and pole barns for about two decades. We offer custom shops and garages on foundation to custom match your home and meet neighborhood CC&Rs, a garage with apartment, or even a shop/house ‘Shouse’. We also offer many types of Pole Barns including Gable, Gambrel, and Monitor, built to the size suited to your property and budget. Whether it is a roof only hay cover or a fully finished garage, post framing is a great way to get more space at a lower cost. Instead of pushing the bottom limits of residential code, we prefer to add a little more structure and quality to our buildings, without breaking the budget. This pays off for everyone long-term and we did not have a single warranty call on any of our builds during ‘Snowmageddon’ a few years ago, but we did repair multiple barns (and houses), and even rebuilt a few completely collapsed barns that were built to lower standards.   

Our Process


Initial meeting

Discuss ideas on structure, land, options, etc. 


Draft Plans

We may have something on hand that will work, if not we can meet with our drafter or use yours.


Start Building

Once a contract is complete and a deposit received, we can generally start pretty quickly and complete in a much better than average timeline.

Our shops and pole barns

Let’s Get Building

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